Best Official IT Support Services 1-3

Your experience of IT support can vary from depending on the product or service you buy. While here ate Freeithelpdesk we strive to provide you the best free support available, below are some of the IT support services you’ll find from other companies.


Microsoft is a personal favorite of ours. Considering the Seattle software giant provides the hardware and programs that underpin much of our technology driven world, you’d expect their service to be top notch. And Microsoft doesn’t dissapoint. Its online support site is for everything related to Windows, Office, Lumia devices, XBox, Windows Phone, OneDrive, Surface, Skype and much much more.


Unlike Microsoft, Google’s products cost consumers next to nothing. Their GMail, Android devices and search engine are free at the point of use. Which means less money is given to support services for these platform. However, Google still knows the value of keeping its software and services running bug free to its army of users, which is why we have no problem recommending Google’s support service.


Rounding out our list of three is Korea’s electronics behemoth, Samsung. As a transnational coporation, it has become one of the most dominant forces in the world of technology, precisely because it can keep its costs low. But that doesn’t mean Samsung has scrimped on its support service. Whether you have problems with your phone, tablet, TV or Laptop, this company has it covered with a support team that is responsive, prompt and actually solve your IT related issues.

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